Reasons to Have Dura-Pro Golf Practice Mats

Have Dura-Pro Golf Practice MatsGolf lovers sometimes find it impossible to go to the course. To those who need to take some time to practice their swing, before the next tournament, this is an inconvenience. This is what led to the invention of golf practice mats. There are many types of these mats, some of which are a disappointment to those who use them. Dura-Pro golf practice mats are one of the brands that gives golfers reasons to buy. We got some help with choosing the best golf mats from the editors over at the and the following are some of these reasons.

Color Fast Fabric

One of the reason these mats are a must have is because they maintain the green color of the course. This is even after being hit repeatedly by golf clubs. This colorfastness is one of the more important aspects the mats’ durability. The manufacturers are so confident of this quality that they offer an eight-year warranty on the mats.

They are made of strong material

These mats are made from composite fiber and knitted nylon. The material makes the mats more durable which makes them hard to tear even after repeated hitting using golf clubs. The material they are made of makes them at least 30% thicker than other mats made for the same purpose. The density of the mats makes it possible for them to be placed on surfaces of varying texture and hardness.

They are shock resistant and they come with shock resistant tees

Have Dura-Pro Golf Practice MatsThe package includes a couple of rubber tees and a tee holder. The tee holder is adjustable depending on the height of the user. The tees made of rubber are durable. They have the capacity to absorb hits from golf clubs without breaking. The thickness of the mat itself is 5/8 of an inch.

This thickness gives it an authentic golf course feel. The resistance of the mat and the tees means that the golfer can use real golf clubs without fear of destroying them. The use of the real golf clubs in practice makes the practice session more productive as the same equipment is used in the real games.

It gives the buyer a variety to choose from: between indoor and commercial

Indoor mats are suitable for confined residential places. They are not as expansive as the commercial ones but they give users the same full experience. Commercial mats are bigger and therefore require larger spaces for set up. Commercial mats make it possible for users to enjoy full swings and the entire simulation of a golf game. Dura-pro, therefore gives an opportunity for all people to enjoy the practice of golf.

It has great extras

Over and above the tees and tee holders, the dura-pro golf mats also come with golf balls. The manufacturer also offers free shipping for all customers.


The price of dura-pro is considerable. This is to be expected considering the high quality of this product. The manufacturer however, varies the prices by providing different sizes of the same product. This ensures that the product remains the same across the price ranges.

The residential mat is the cheapest, commercial and commercial premium are more expensive that residential. Spring tech is the highest priced of all the mats under this brand. All come with free shipping.