Tips to Paint Your Home by Yourself

Tips to Paint Your Home by Yourself

Home painting is one of the most common maintenance tasks needed now and then. It keeps a home in a good shape and more attractive. Painting a home with appropriate paints may also increase the value of your home.

What are the Best Tips to Paint Your Home?

Successful home painting can only be met if you have the right paints and what it takes to make it a breeze. The following are some tips for you:

1. Consider the Choice of Paint

Tips to Paint Your Home by YourselfBasically, there are two types of paints: water-based latex and oil-based alkyd paints. Water-based latex can be dissolved using soap and water. It is also flexible and likely to dry and last longer after painting.

Alkyd paints requires spirits in order to dissolve and prepare them before painting. These paints last for the longest period of time. They also offer prime surfaces which do not easily crack. However, they are a bit more expensive than the water-based latex paints.

2. Check Out the Weather

The success of your painting operation depends largely on the weather conditions. Preferably, you may consider doing painting during dry weathers with low rain and low humidity. This allows the paint to dry up quickly and successfully.

3. Be Sure to Prepare the Surfaces

It is important to clean up the dirt, dust, mildew, and grime on the interior and exterior surfaces before painting. You may use stifle-bristle brush, sandpaper, or duster to eliminate the foreign materials or appearances on the surfaces. This will make the surfaces smooth and ready to take the paint during painting.

4. Brush versus Roller

The exterior parts may be painted using either a painting brush or a roller. However, you may need to use only the painting brush in order to reach edges, sharp corners, narrow surfaces, and smaller areas.

5. Start Painting from the Top/Roof

Tips to Paint Your Home by YourselfPainting cannot be worked out to the way top. Rather, you need to start with the roof or the top of the house in order to successfully accomplish your task. This prevents dirtying or scrapping of the surfaces which are already painted as you climb up to reach the others.

6. Consider Similar Color

Do not paint your house with different colors. This mainly applies to the exterior. You need to invest in uniformity in order to increase attractiveness. However, you may consider applying two different colors for the roof and the house exterior wall parts.

7. Avoid Excess Paint

Using excess paint is dangerous for uniformity as well as the total cost of the project. Also, using excess paint does not mean that your house will look different. Therefore, consider applying the right amount of paint. You may ask for guidelines from the dealers on how the amount of paint that is needed for the size of your house.


Painting your home is a simple task that you can easily do on your own. It prevents you from hiring a contractor who is incompetent or dishonest. At the same time, it gives you time to shape up your home and ensure that it takes the quality that you want.