Why Should You Have Lighting Ceiling Fans?

Why Should You Have Lighting Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are some of the oldest and most popular types of fans. Their simple design makes them popular in most homes where air conditioning is required. These fans are fitted on ceilings and they may be fitted with lights at the end of the stem. These fans have many advantages and some of those advantages are listed below.

They Provide Service Throughout the Year

Fans are usually needed in the home during the hot seasons. They cool the air in a room by forming a draft in the room. The lighting ceiling fan also has the capacity to push warmer air from the ceiling downwards. This happens when the fan rotates counter clockwise. This way the room doesn’t need heating during the cold season.

The usage reduces the amount of energy consumed in the process. During the warm season, it reduces the amount of energy necessary to keep the room cool as it requires less electricity than A/C. During the cold season, these fans reduce the amount of energy required since they help the home owners avoid heating.

Increase the room’s beauty

Why Should You Have Lighting Ceiling FansOne of the reasons why ceilings look bad is having too many things hanging from them. Using ceiling fans as bulb holders eliminates the need for other hangings to be introduced in the ceiling. The use of ceiling fans as an aesthetic fitting is enhanced by the fact that the rotors on the ceiling fans can be fashioned in many shapes.

An interior designer may decide to put particularly themed lighting ceiling fans. There could be a different themed fan for each room depending on the preferences of the home owner and the interior designer. Since they are usually located at the focal point of the room, lighting ceiling fans easily hold the attention of visitors.

They Provide aesthetic and functional lighting

When the design of a room is layered, lighting ceiling fans contribute immensely to the lighting of the room. The color of the light may be selected to complement the overall lighting theme in the house. If a fixed light of the appropriate hue is not found in the market, one such light may be bought from the market and be fixed to the fan.

They are Safe

These fans are always installed on the ceiling. This makes it difficult for children to reach them. Other types of fans and air conditioning devices may be in places where children can reach. This endangers the children and the home. Homes get endangered if children tamper with the systems. Resulting electrical faults may cause fires or make other resident susceptible to electric shocks or broken blades. All these challenges are removed from the equation with lighting ceiling fans.

They act as deterrents for insects

Lighting ceiling fans cool the air by making drafts. These drafts make the room uncomfortable for insects. They keep houseflies at bay. This makes them particularly ideal for the dining room and kitchen. In some instances, these fans may be able to keep even mosquitoes away. This contributes to the overall health and well being of the inhabitants of the house.


Ceiling fans effectiveness is tied to the amount of air they push in the room. The more the air they push, the more effective they are. When the leading edges of the fans are designed to look up, the fans push more it and are hence more effective.